In a community that reinforces the economy of knowledge, our vision focuses on a pioneering status and distinction in the educational and research processes, in addition to the social service. The goal of our message is the achievement of qualitative and effective learning which leads to distinction; and that can be attained by knowledge and research service when used as tools for creativity, which, in the end, entails societal partnership. In accordance with our vision and message, we exert hard efforts to be the best among both the national universities and international competitions. As scientific conferences are most important activities that contribute, greatly, in achieving educational advancement in the university, the university will accommodate the first International conference (the psychology of applied sport – reality and ambition). This is done in the belief that the educational sport sector is important in building the body and mind, in addition to the role of sport in supporting the national economy and the strengthening of the individual, the family and the community.
Professor: Mohamed bin Abdullah Al Naji Algahtani
Rector of University of Hafr Albatin
Head of the conference
Under the judicious leadership of his excellence, the university rector (professor, Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Naji Algahtani), the University of Hafr Albatin has witnessed increasing progress and development at all levels. This is noticeable in the academic and research works. The university is deeply concerned with organizing the specialized International Conference. The reason behind this is to support the scientific movement and research in the field of physical activities and health for all individuals in the community. Further, physical fitness and sport activities are important, for they adjust our life and health behaviour. Moreover, it is also important to proceed for creating a hygienic social environment which copes with the 2030 vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Dr. Adil bin Abid Alshamari
The deputy Rector for postgraduate studies and scientific research
The deputy head of the conference and the head of the preparatory committee
The first international conference
(applied sport psychology (reality and ambition)
is a scientific initiative that has started in the Faculty of Arts, University of Hafr Albatin. The initiative has appeared in tandem with what the university gives regarding the development and forishing in all domains ie at the academic and research levels. The university supports the scientific and research movement in the field of physical activities, which matches the 2030 vision of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Throughout this conference we will try to extend the field of the psychology of applied sport, and sport science in the sport circles in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. .
Dr Ahmed bin Abdulrahman Alharamla
Dean Designate of Faculty of Arts
Conference Director and head of Scientific Committee

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 Director of the Conference


  Dr. Ahmed Alharamlah 


 Associate Professor of Applied Sport Psychology
Dean of the College of Arts University of Hafr Albatin
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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